It is the current Practice policy that payment be made on the day of consultation 

An Account Fee of $8.00 will be incurred for payment not received on the day

Payment can be made by CASH, CHEQUE or EFTPOS


The current fee schedule from 20th November 2018 is outlined below:

  • Consultation Type
    Medicare Rebate
  • Standard
  • Complex
  • Very Long


    ** As of 1st November 2017, Children under 16 years will be bulk-billed (Monday to Friday) **

For patients to be bulk-billed (for consultations only) at this clinic they must produce a CURRENT Pension card.   All current Health Care Card holders will be charged at a reduced rate, incurring approximately $21.00 out of pocket expense

We would also point out that to minimise cost to families, if more than one patient of the same family is seen at the same time, the second patient MAY (depending on complexity) be charged at the Medicare rebate plus $21.00 (approximately), subsequent patient is at the Medicare rebate only. (The rebate is the amount of refund received from Medicare, being $37.60 for standard consult)

Arrangements may be made for other patients suffering from chronic conditions or having financial difficulties to receive consideration . Also if you have any questions regarding charges or payments - talk to your Doctor or our Practice Manager about this

Medical Procedures:  

A Procedure/Treatment Room Fee will be charged for all medical procedures.  (Concession card holders under 75 years of age will be charged at a reduced fee)

Please also be aware ALL medical procedures are charged privately (Concession card holders under 75 years of age charged at a reduced fee)

Please check costing with your Doctor or our Reception Staff prior to any procedure

Please note - No bulk-billing or reduced fees charged on weekends

Fees @ Hurstbridge Medical Centre

  • Iron infusion Out of Pocket = $157.20
  • Dressings starts from = $10.00
  • Holter Monitor = $40.00
  • BP ambulatory 24hrs = $100.00
  • Yellow Fever Vaccine = $120.00
  • All Skin Biopsy incur an Out of Pocket starts from $95.00 + $70.00 Treatment fees.

IUD Services

  • 1- Insertion Of Mirena
    • 1st Visit Out of pocket = $47.20
    • 2nd visit Out of Pocket = $211.75
  • 2- Removal of Mirena Out of Pocket = $117.20
  • 3- Removal/insertion Of Mirena Out of Pocket = $217.75

Implanon services

  • 1- Insertion Of Implanon
    • 1st Visit Out of Pocket = $39.20
    • 2nd visit Out of Pocket = $89.70
  • 2- Removal of Implanon Out of Pocket = $98.35
  • 3- Removal/insertion Of Implanon Out of Pocket = $188.05
    • Student, HCC and Pension card holders out of pocket = $97.75
  • Skin Checks Out of Pocket = $77.20